A circuitous route to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Stage One beginning in Munich, Germany ending in Jerusalem - traveling through Austria, Italy, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Israel. Second stage from Vienna, through Germany, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, France and Spain.
Final destination - Santiago!

Post Script: The changeable situation in Jerusalem has led to a change in plans. The Rome to Jerusalem leg of this journey has been changed to the 'End to End' in the UK, after which the journey will resume as above in Vienna.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


I am still in München, waiting to board my flight to London, but I just have to tell you that my plan, thus far has worked!  I have cleared customs - yippee.

I had my letter stating the details of the 1952 bi-lateral trade agreement between Germany and Australia allowing Australians to stay an additional 90 days in Germany.  At the customs / police checkpoint there were some questions asked, a VERY careful reading of the letter, more questions, another read of the letter, and my passport was stamped!

I arrived in Germany on the 29th January, leaving for Holland about the 14th February, and spent less than 90 days in the rest of the Schengen so I was quite legal.  My concern was that the authorities might not think so, and my policeman was heading that way till I produced my letter!  As I said, I haven't left the country yet, but I'm over the worst.
Relief at the airport!

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